Ted’s Summer Vacation 2016- Glacier National Park


I just got back from a fabulous vacation to Glacier National Park in Montana.  I have been to several of our National Parks, though I have to say that Glacier National Park was probably the most breathtaking. Every view was perfect….almost like they were fake.  What was special about this trip was we spent a total week exploring the park….very thorough, though we never were bored. I traveled with my son, Teddy, who looked very Pacific Northwest with his beard and my oldest brother, John, from New York State.  We flew into Spokane, Washington and stayed our first night in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Coeur d’Alene boasts the longest floating boardwalk. There my son discovered the Inland Northwest Ale Trail and was determined to see as many as possible….I think we hit about 12 of them….including Top Frog which was in a remote place in the woods with some of their patrons who actually showed up on horseback.

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Must See! Welcome To Saint Louis, Home To Many Great Things (Video)

This video makes me appreciate St. Louis just that much more.

Over thirty partners including the St. Louis Regional ChamberExplore St. Louis and St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation unveiled a bold new regional marketing video that showcases the best of the St. Louis region to investors, visitors and potential residents during the Chamber’s 179th Annual Event at the Peabody Opera House on 8/18/2016 ‪#‎TheSTLEdge‬

McMansions Are Boring, Midcentury Modern Is (always) In.


3818 Heights Dr., Hickory Corners, MI

Though its provenance is unknown, the 3,200-square-foot, three bedroom is “custom built” and “architect-designed,” according to the listing, and boasts a wealth of period details including brick walls, dark oak floors, trim, cabinetry, and storage throughout, a Murphy bed, clean, geometric lines, and a low, sprawling profile. It’s located on one-and-a-quarter acres of woodland and features a large Brazilian redwood deck overlooking a beautifully landscaped backyard. The property also includes a greenhouse and solarium, a detached three-car garage with accommodations for a workshop, storage, and a wood stove-heated workspace, and an additional building for storage.

Other amenities include an exercise room, two gas fireplaces, access to Gull Lake and more. There’s so much here—for only $352,000—that you’ll just have to see it to believe it. From Curbed.

3 beds   –   4 baths   –   3,200 sqft

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9 Historic Places in Peril!

1. The Emmaus Home Complex – Marthasville, Warren Countyunnamed

This home complex was first built to function as a seminary for the German Evangelical Church in 1859. The seminary existed at this site until it moved to St. Louis in 1883 but in 1893 a new use for it emerged as the Emmaus Asylum for Epileptics and Feeble Minded. These buildings are architecturally significant because they are one of the first buildings built in Missouri by German immigrants. They are built in a German style with sturdy limestone featuring heavily. These buildings are unique in the fact that very few modifications have been done to them, so most of the original structures still exist. However, Emmaus has indicated that they wish to slowly phase out the use of this property by 2020, so the future of this property is firmly up in the air.

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RE: TOM FORD – Pulitzer Arts Foundation also Designed by Tadao Ando


Tadao Ando, Architect

Tadao Ando has achieved international acclaim for his uncompromising architectural vision, which elevates the use of simple materials and forms to create spaces that appeal equally to precision and emotion. Pulitzer Arts Foundation—completed in 2001 after four years of construction—is the first free-standing, public project for which Ando was commissioned in the United States. Through carefully composed windows and a central water court, the building is suffused with natural light, inviting the outside world into dialogue with art and architecture. Artists Richard Serra and Ellsworth Kelly were commissioned by Emily Rauh Pulitzer to create permanent sculptures for the building, and according to Ando, their collaboration “provided a rare and stimulating opportunity to reconsider the architecture and to rethink what it means to create.”

This is part 2, view part 1 here.

pulitzer_building_-_heroae7c04ab78e4cae4e6486a7ff9d13a3e pulitzer-foundation-for-the-arts-tadao-ando-hero

Housing Bubble: How Has Saint Louis Faired?


“Home price recovery skips some St. Louis area neighborhoods”

From the St. Louis Post Dispatch…

The recovery in housing prices has been rocky and uneven in the St. Louis area, a fact reflected in new data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

As of last year — according to the latest figures available by ZIP code — prices in much of the region were still below the peak year of 2007, and prices in much of north St. Louis County were still lagging by more than 30 percent.

By contrast, some of the region’s more affluent communities — Clayton, Ladue, Frontenac and Town and Country, are in ZIP code areas that have seen prices reach record highs. And a once-declining group of city of St. Louis neighborhoods is enjoying a housing revival.


I think we can all remember the housing bubble that affected over half of U.S. states. Housing prices peaked in early 2006, started to decline in 2006 and 2007, and reached new lows in 2012.[2] On December 30, 2008, the Case-Shiller home price index reported its largest price drop in its history.[3] The credit crisis resulting from the bursting of the housing bubble is—according to general consensus—the primary cause of the 2007–2009 recession in the United States.[4]

Areas hard-hit by foreclosures after the price bubble burst in 2007 haven’t seen much recovery.

What Does The Money Say?

When I started to think about it more I wanted to do a little research of my own. To do this I picked 10 St. Louis Zip codes (click for interactive zip code map)… some in the central area where I do most of my business, as well as Zip Code’s in Northern St. Louis (where the foreclosures hit the hardest). I then ran reports in the MLS that showed aggregated dollar amounts of homes/condos/villas sold as well as new constructions. I got this data from 2007-2008 and from the last 365 days. See the results below…

Price Comparison

The chart above shows the total sales volume by time period. As we can see, Bellefontaine, Ferguson, Florissant, Central West End and Brentwood have all experienced losses (though much less for CWE/Brentwood). Whereas Hazelwood, Chesterfield, Ladue, Richmond Heights and Clayton have all seen growth. Though Hazelwood and Florissant are both in North County they have not seen the same changes.

Now I will say… when I saw Central West End was still 3% lower than it was in 2007 (I mean come on… have you seen the developments??? Cranes everywhere…) I dug deeper. I added to the analysis a midway data point. I extracted the transactions from 2011 and found something shocking.

CWE zoom

From 2011-today, the Central West End has actually seen a period of growth of +47%.

Though not what it was in 2007, the context is important to include to understand the progress that is being made in the central area. NextSTL has quite a collection of these developments that you can view here. Soon we will do an article where we compile developments (recently completed, in progress or planned for the next 2 years) that are taking place in the St. Louis area.

This pattern is mirrored in other cities across the nation, it’s not just us. According to Alan Mallach, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who is studying St. Louis neighborhoods, the price rebound has been strongest in the richer areas — and in urban neighborhoods that are drawing millennials. If you look at all the data we’ve seen about St. Louis being one of the hottest real estate markets it makes sense. We are seeing most improvements in areas that are seeing a surge of development and population shifts. The central area (CWE, CORTEX) is seeing a boom of development and startup companies. Areas like Clayton are teeming with life, the developments never end.

What’s next?

Keep an eye out for an in-depth article we will publish soon about all of the development we are seeing in St. Louis and whats next. In the mean time, check out this article on STL Today about some specific areas that have been hit and what has been done to speed up recovery. You can also take a look at the House Price Index on the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s website.



Holy Awesome… Tom Ford’s $75 million Tadao Ando Designed Ranch


Ill just leave these here. They speak for themselves…

‘The property, called the Cerro Pelon Ranch, is located in the Galisteo Basin near Santa Fe, New Mexico, covers over 20,000 acres, and includes a landing strip, equestrian facilities, and an old west town that has been used as a set in such movies as Lonesome Dove, All The Pretty Horses, and Wild Wild West.’ –Curbed

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